Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 184 - Downtown Davenport is flooded

Friday, after we closed 365 Days On a Farm for the day, we drove to Downtown Davenport, about 10 miles from our shop. I wanted to see the flooding I have been watching on the Internet. The Mississippi was definitely busting at the seams....(I heard the water has gone down since Friday)....besides I thought it would be fun to take pictures. ;) And it was.

The skybridge was really warm and cozy inside....

Looking out of the window on the Skybridge.....there's railroad tracks and a street under there!

Scott and John at the base of the Skywalk...not an exit anymore~!

Parts of Davenport may be flooded, but Spring is still beautiful!

Nope those aren't boats ......

Davenport is such a unique city....I love the old brick buildings....

Scott, John and I had dinner at Antonella's...the best Italian restaurant around...A great Friday evening! 


  1. I lived in Davenport when I was little (my parents worked at the newspaper). I remember very clearly getting to drive downtown to see the flooding every spring. I was taken every time with how much water there was. I live upriver now,and am only marginally older of course, but it still gives me that same sense of awe when I see the water spilling everywhere.

  2. It is amazing Ruth. I am also amazed at how routine it seems to be..there is a beauty to it. too!