Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 182 - Eldridge Knitting Nook meeting at 365

Day 182 - THE BUZZ CAFE is closed for remodeling so the Eldridge Knitting Nook Meeting was held at 365 days on a Farm yarn Shoppe. Robb & Kristie loaned us tables and chairs from their cafe....and it was warm and cozy in here for all our members. What a wonderful meeting. Our members filled 365 with friendship and high spirited creativity. They are a wonderful group of people that enrich all our lives! Thank you everyone for helping to make this such a success. 

Nancy, Sue  & Joanne busy on their current projects.

Jeanne is a genius with crochet!

Connie and Jeanne busy crafty folks!

I have been working on a multi-colored cowl......the wind around here keeps stealing my scarves.

Nancy with her adorable child's capelet..and a I-Cord Flower!

Pam Finished the Surprise Sweater! Clever and Stylish!

Connie working a delicate pattern.....such talent and patience!

Sue is such a talented and experienced knitter!
Chanin left early, she has been working on a prayer shawl. It's going along beautifully. Tonights meeting will bring more pics and inspiration! Join Us....Thursday 4-7 pm.


  1. Hello I'm want to learn how to knit! Only problem is I'm eleven years old! Do you guys have any classes on knitting for kids? When I heard Eldridge got a new yarn shoppe! I was so excited, but then I relised I still can't Knit! :(

  2. Call me at the Yarn Shoppe. I will teach you to knit.563-285-9985.....Tammy