Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 164 - A Day on Lindsey's Farm

Scott and I headed out to Lindsey's farm. Scott and I have heard so much about them and he has been spinning their was time to go to the source!!!

                                        Lindsey and I going to meet her critters! It was so windy!
      Lindsey's daughter was right at home on the farm, she took to Scott right away.
                                                A picture perfect farm!!!!
 It's so peaceful, and beautiful!! We now know, why Lindsey loves this place!

I love this face............they have such an innocence about them......well most of them......

                                                           Lindsey and Scott

               This pic says it all!!!! Lindsey this is your destiny!! 
                              So happy for you!

           The animals are happy too!!!


Lindsey loves sharing her passion for her animals.
 We were captivated!!!

                                               And charmed by her daughters!!!
The Alpaca's and Llamas love the girls!! They follow them around everywhere!

Thank you Lindsey for sharing your slice of heaven with us for a day!

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