Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 188 - The Great Unveiling

There's something tangible about seeing your dreams/inspirations in large print. And when that print is done artistically, it's priceless.


It was a defining moment for me, when Jen from Onion Grove Mercantile parked her truck in front of the store. I knew what treasure was hidden underneath the tan canvas; 365's Sign. I was silent, it was here, and although it may seem silly, it was my moment to reflect. 

The first emotion to surface was gratitude.

My Uncle Gary once told me, "No man is an island." Although he meant it in more of a biblical sense, it hit home with me.

Spirituality comes in many forms, friends and family are just as vital.

Whether it is a brand new friendship happened by chance or a relationship that has weathered through storms together, close by or 1000 miles away, my spirit was touched by so many wonderful people. Moments and memories that are carried with us, in times of difficulty and triumphs. 

It was just Jen, her son and myself there in the shop for my moment, but it felt crowded, because everyone I love and cherish was right there beside me.

I started to make a list of all those I appreciate and love, and the list kept growing and became a novel, so I opted out of the list and instead I shall tell everyone...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ...damn, I am a lucky woman.

Thank you everyone!
I love you all!

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