Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 243 - Rosie and her debut

A brand new knitter Emily Schallert, decided for her first knitting project she would knit a chicken sweater for "Rosie", one of her favorite hens. And this determined young lady worked on it several days at 365 days on a Farm Yarn Shoppe .....and she did just that!!!

 And on group night we had three very specials guests! Emily, her mom, Chanin and "ROSIE"......

You never know who is going to be at our group meetings. I was thrilled. "Rosie" modeled her new fashion sweater!!!
Emily,..... I am so proud of your accomplishment!!!!

And Rosie was very professional on the runway....
Rosie is handled frequently by Emily and enjoys the attention!

By the way, Emily is only 10 years old.......what is next for this extraordinary knitter? We'll just have to wait and see!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grand Opening June 11th, 2011

Our Grand Opening was a huge success.
A little Yarn Bombing in Honor of International Yarn Bombing Day!!!!!!!

Cars and Semi Trucks were not exempt!!!

Cake and a delicious Pot Luck!!!
World Wide Knit In Public Day Too!!!!!!

Lots of wonderful talented Fiber Artists from all over Quad City area!
Even Local Eldridge Folks!!!!

So much talent and enthusiasm to share!!!

A Grand Opening is our way of saying thank you to all our friends and members of THE ELDRIDGE KNITTING NOOK.....for emotional support!!!! I love the shop and having a place for everyone to gather and meet!

When customers are truly friends first,......things are a success!
Thank you everyone!
Posted by Picasa                                     You know when a spouse (fiancee') shows up, it's a good Day!!!
Laura's "Paul" was here too!!!