Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014 - February Tales

                              Photo by Susan Krupke

February Tales

As usual, life has been busy. Throwing it's winter weather curve balls at us..or is that snowballs? Either way, like most of the country, we have been cold. We did get a reprieve and had a few days where the temps briefly touch 40's, and what a glorious time. Winter does make you appreciate your OTHER seasons. Especially when it's 30 degrees below and it's time to plan a garden. Ordering seeds, taking measurements of the garden in frigid temps. {I have a new appreciation for Photographers that brave the elements for that perfect shot.} I should knit a pair of photographers gloves....with the tip of one finger (trigger finger) that can be removed, so the whole hand doesn't get frostbite.  
But its all good, there's so much to be thankful for that gratitude is the general sentiment, nor resentment or struggles. 
Our daughter Lizzy was here for a visit. She is full of love and has so much positive energy and is a joy to be around.  We are thankful that we had a few days with her, here in Iowa. 

She was determined to spin up some fiber that she bought last summer at Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. She spun all 8 oz. of it beautifully, even though she hasn't touched a spinning wheel in nearly two years. She made this 'spinning mama' proud!
And then she knitted herself a headband. Crafty young lady!

We received word that our son Scott Jr. (that is deployed in Afghanistan) will be returning to the United States in a few short weeks. A big sigh of relief for the whole family. We look forward to his return, but not more than his Newlywed Bride Stephanie. They can now begin their lives together.

Ashley Allene Rider's photo.

Just last week we had a visit from KWQC's News Station here in Quad Cities Area. Fran Riley did an interview on our family. It was a lot of fun. Fran is very personable and friendly. I didn't feel like we were interviewed, it felt more like chatting with a friend. Fran and his Cameraman Greg are always welcome here and we hope they will return this summer.

Fran Riley had a go at the wheel.

Our chicken count is down to around 24 now, we lost of few this winter and are currently making plans for a larger and more functional coop. Most of our weather problems have been solved and we will be better prepared for next year.
I believe our water issues have been solved, inside the house (water softener installed, cleared the water lines, new washing machine ) . 
The pond is leaking at the dam, and a new septic has to be put in in the spring. But that's another tale for another day.
I have been spinning Angora fiber from Pebbles for a friend in Alaska, we are doing a trade and I can't wait to show the results....that's another tale as well!

Scott and I had our first wedding Anniversary, same day at the reporter did the interview. It wasn't planned that way, in fact the initial interview was suppose to be in December, but was rescheduled by Fran on the same day as our Anniversary. It was perfectly fine, what a great way to celebrate....we are an odd couple anyway!!! Happy Anniversary Scott ! It has been another wonderful year with you!

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   (sending those positive thoughts out to Mother Nature)
Our new (as in, new to IOWA)  family members are due to arrive in a few weeks....I will announce their arrival....when they get here...it's an exciting time for all of us...and a wonderful journey is about to begin. Good Wonderful things are about to happen and for all of this, and so much more, I am thankful!
We are blessed. 

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