Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 239 - Goodbye Gravel Road - Next road to adventure!

This has been a difficult decision for us......moving to town. The peacefulness of the country rural life is the anchor that kept us here for so long. But with two teenagers and no access to town in the winter, the decision was already set in stone. 

Our daily travels to and from town on the long gravel road, gave us the opportunity to wind down, reflect on our day, our family and each other. 

Oats growing in a neighboring field. Scott stopped the truck so I could get a closer look. No, I have never seen oats growing! 

I Love Red Barns.....

...and White Barns especially when Tiger Lily's grow wild all around.


Corn for miles in every direction!

I don't know what I am going to miss more , the farm house, or the gravel road!

Our new view from our place in town, Our Neighbor Jim has a garden and he lets me play in it!!! 

John has become quite a gardener...helping Jim with his gardening!!!

From my kitchen window....isn't it lovely????

Summer bugs and flowers go hand and hand.

Front porch pretties!

So good-bye gravel road, farmhouse and cornfields.....we are making room for our next adventure and I have a feeling it's going to be a great road. 

Day 245 Drop Spindle Success

June 25th,  2011
Yes, I am doing some back has a way of getting so busy and fast paced that it's amazing there is time to stop a moment, and take a picture. Lately the heat has been making us all a little weary, but we will just keep working on our goals!

365 Days on a Farm Yarn Shoppe has become our main focus and is growing so fast it's hard to keep bear with us in our lack of words in the few posts to come, besides aren't pictures worth more? I will back peddle and try to keep up..........or is that paddling here ...yes.....where is that Community pool?????
Dianna Smith/Designer/Teacher/New Friend

Ginger, Chanin and Emily Start their first Drop Spindle Class!

Marcus , a Drop Spindler joined us to expand his experience. 

Emily does everything with bravado!

Although she was concentrating in this photo....Ginger was a quick study for this class....always having fun!

Anne Marie may have eluded the camera but she was spinning in no time!

Class was 10 am - 3 pm...and every minute was fascinating. What a capable instructor

What a beautiful display of spindles Dianna brought for the class to ogle over!

Anne Marie already started to do color play with her spindle...Dianna inspired us all!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait for her to return. THANK YOU DIANNA!