Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 361 - Wounded warrior Muster Week

Wounded Warrior Project - Muster Week
Monday, Oct. 17th, 2011

What an incredible honor it is to be part of Muster Week. And to believe it all started with a customer and her afghan.......
A customer brought in a Flag afghan and entrusted me to find the Wounded Warrior Project and place it in the right hands.
Not more than 10 minutes after she left, a young lady walked into the shop and noticed the beautiful blanket. I told her my mission and she got right on the phone and left messages with the right people. By the end of the day I spoke with several people involved with this program. We had arranged for Lindsey (our contact) to meet us at the shop and discuss the details. She arrived come Monday and we suggested that we could teach at the MUSTER event. By the end of the week the wheels were in motion.
MUSTER is a week long event for the USA Community Based Warrior Transition Unit. The programs focus is to allow soldiers to heal at home with the support of their families and communities, with admin support and medical case management.
Our part in this program is to teach our soldiers a new hobby to help the long hours pass while healing. Scott, Lizzy, John, Cilla and myself,taught knitting, and spinning with a drop spindle and crochet and needle felting. We thought five people would cover the event. We were wrong! There were so many people wanting to participate that we gave away 50 gift bags and were scrambling to try to get to everyone. 

I asked people from all over the United States to help us with donations. our goal was to have a gift bag for each soldier. (that way they had gift bags to take home) We received U.S.A. yarns, hand-spun yarns, knitting needles,crochet hooks from every corner of the U.S.A. Yarn companies, Needle Companies,even handmade crochet hooks and knitting needles came from our generous citzens. Each bag had two sets of needles, hand spun yarns, a personalized card. Cillas husband made drop spindles which we donated with Fiber Kits.  We donated needle felting kits. And there was something there for everyone! None of this could have taken place without the generous donations of our Fiber Friends. Thank You Everyone!!!!

Cilla taught needle felting and Crochet....she had a full crowd surrounding her all evening!!

Scott taught Spinning and Knitting!!! 

I taught Spinning , Knitting and Crochet!! What fast learners!

This soldier learned Knitting and Spinning in the same evening! Scott is a wonderful teacher!

This soldier learned to Knit, Crochet and drop spindle.!!!!

Cilla never hesitated when I asked her help us at Muster Week!

When we first arrived at this event , I had reservations as to how many participants we would have ......that lasted only 5 minutes..the next thing I knew I wish we all had clones to reach everyone.There were soldiers everywhere trying to participate!  Soldiers and the Wounded Warrior Program staff members were asking us to return in the Spring Muster in April. Every one of us jumped at the opportunity to be part of this wonderful organization. Our response?.....YES, Yes...yes   We were honored!  We will be there!!!

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