Monday, August 8, 2016

Start where you are.......

Often in blogs and other journals, the task of getting the writing done is just too daunting to know where to begin. And that day is today, for me. I started this blog in 2010. And as our family has grown and changed so has this blog. I started out as a knitter...a city girl plopped down on a farm in Iowa, just wanting to share great patterns and find other folks of like mind. That morphed into a wonderful journey of opening a knitting shop. Then it became a knit/spin/teach and a wonderful gathering spot. Then a few years later, we took the knitting on the road. But the farm kept calling us.....we started a farm in the Muscatine area. A big beautiful farm full of people and love and vegetables and knitting, of course. There must always be knitting...and spinning. My husbands contract at work ended and we had to make a move for work. So instead of letting the new employment dictate where we were going to live, we decided to pick the place to live and make it work. So that is exactly what we did.
homer spit 4786 homer spit rd

Yes, we were questioned over and over why? Why Alaska. And our response was always the same. Why not Alaska! When I asked Scott, where would you live if money was no obstacle. His response was Alaska. My response was Hell No! After the cold winters in Iowa. I wasn't about to become one with the glaciers. So true to my nature, I did some research and this is what I found!!   Beaches.......whales....Salt water fishing.....Nirvana!

Homer, Alaska the Halibut fishing Capital of the world! After a lot of videos and online reading and speaking with the Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate agents. I was sold. A plan of action was put into place. A very detailed, well thought out plan. And it all occurred within 8 weeks. We took Lizzy with us....stopped in Arizona to get Jesse...dodged a tornado in Texas...threw a few tires around across the United States. Started a fire in Canada........You know...just another day....

And here we are....well almost..still many stories to fill in.. year ago.....and yet so much has happened in between and currently..
....I will tell you this much...Our adventures have become crazier wilder and more fun than I ever imagined our life would be! My devotion to this blog will be an ongoing journal of all that is, was and will become our next adventure. And I would love to take you with me......join us for a lifetime of zany crazy, homesteading life in Alaska.

Here's a few photos of what we have been up to.....
Our son Jesse working in Seward Alaska

Every sunset is different
Lizzy's First Salmon......but not her last.....She loves to fish!
Puma has turned into a traveling cat...he loves to go for a ride....he has gone across the Untited States twice now. Alaska and Canada too.
Sheldon just begs to be dressed up....okay maybe not..but he loves attention..He has a fan club in Alaska.
Some of my Apothecary items I sold at the Farmers market.

Jesse returned to Homer after wintering in Dutch Harbor
Decent amount of snow ...finally...Winter of 2015
A day excursion at the Head of the Bay...Kachemak Bay by 4 wheeler
Good Friends....good times..
Winter 2015 - Skyline Drive

Bishops Beach Homer, Alaska
Low Tide Homer Spit, Alaska (our dog print was a surprise)
Sunset Bishops Beach

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