Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eldridge Knitting Nook

If only Puma had opposable thumbs!
Here we go..............Best Knitting Club in the area.........  Knitting Nook in Eldridge, Iowa......Brand New Club for Knitting/Crochet/Weaving/Spinners.....and any other fiber fanatic person out there...Experienced?...awesome..share your friendship and latest WIP (work in progress)..want to learn to knit and make some amazing friends? Join us.....we meet Feb. 2nd at 3-5pm at  THE BUZZ CAFE.
R.S.V.P. to save a spot for you and a friend! No dues, No fees, just good company!
THE BUZZ CAFE is allowing us to meet there free of charge, but you pay for your own beverages and snacks.
The coffee is wonderful ..........Can't wait to see you there!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

365 Days On A Farm: Scott's Felted Slippers -

365 Days On A Farm: Scott's Felted Slippers -

Scott's Felted Slippers -

And here they are. It took a lot of scrubbing....and swearing..but they came out well.  Scott says that they are very warm. The next pair will have a higher rise at the heel. Or maybe a boot style. On a quest for another pattern. Do you have any favorites?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 60 - Shrink Shrank Shrunk!

 Day 60 - Slippers are knitted and in the process of shrinking. Our washer is a water saver HE type and not very conducive to felting or fulling. SO I used a combination of hand scrubbing vigorously and by washing machine. It took 4 wash cycles and some knuckle skin.    THese before pics --show how HUGE they were....This is Scott trying on the Slippers made for a Shrek! (He is a size 11 )
I don't believe any of us thought this was  going to work...except for me, of course, "MUST HAVE FAITH IN THE PATTERN!!"
Will send finished pics here soon!!!
Happy Knitting everyone!

Day 91

-20 Degrees...are ya kidding? Don't things fall off at that temp? Home knitting and doing domestic things trip into town...and it's going to be a soup night. Stopped at my favorite coffee shop in town, starting a knitting club there, very exciting....will pick a start date and make flyers this weekend.
Jon made a snowman the other evening.....he is our snow gargoyle, however...he's not scary.

Love the Alapacas...Wish I had a few!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

365 Days On A Farm: Banana Muffins Extraordinare !!!!! - Final recipe

365 Days On A Farm: Banana Muffins Extraordinare !!!!! - Final recipe: "This is the final recipe through trial and family loves these...One thing thats great about a dependable recipe like ..."

Day 78 - GoodBye Taffy

Rest in Peace Taffy
Taffy left us January 8th, 2011. She was an elderly cat that had lived a full life. Although we are sad that she is no longer with was time for her to let go and join the spirit world! Travel softly Taffy!! 
Taffy is the second cat we have lost since moving here to Iowa. Taffy's death was expected, she was very old, we knew her time was soon, but Anubus death was unexpected....will post on him next...... 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Banana Muffins Awesome!

Worked out terrific......Next batch will have a bit less wheat flour and more cinnamon...but you get the idea! Shall I tell Scott he is a genius? 

Day 77-

Banana Muffin Experiment - My oven is unreliable (I am being kind). So I am attempting to make Banana bread Cupcakes in my Rival counter top roaster. Actually it is Scott's idea and his with his encouragement goes..I am using this recipe.

--Banana Bread Cupcakes --

Preheat Oven 350 Degrees

Cream 1/2 Cup room temp butter
with 1 cup white sugar

beat in 2 eggs

Now add the following and beat until smooth:
1.5 cups mashed (well ripe) bananas
1.2 tsp vanilla
Dash of Cinnamon (I just sprinkled it in ) roughly 1/2 tsp
Dash Nutmeg (less nutmeg)

1 cup of all purpose flour
1 cup of whole wheat flour (if you don't have whole wheat just use 2 cups white total)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda

Stir this to the banana mixture (with spoon)

Pour into banana loaf pan or As I did ,..use paper cupcake baking cups (no foil)
Place in Muffin pan and place in roaster . 25 - 30 minutes.

Anyone else out there make bread or do any baking in your roaster? Would love to hear from you...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 75

Day 75
Happy New Year Everyone! We celebrated the New Year in my favorite Way. At home with loved ones (missing lot of loved ones too)..quiet, safe and comforting. Thats what the New Year holds for me. I like it when I can lay my head down at night, knowing drama will not be waking me at night.

The snow melted! All thats left are the brownish piles at the end of the roadways or parking lots. Very Ugly and a bit of a bummer.

However the highlight to it all is that my car now makes it out of the driveway!!! I am mobile again!!!

Buddy cornered an animal at the end of the driveway New Years eve.....when we walked up we were surprised it was a large opossum! It was leaning into the snow bank..eyes wide open..fell right into the snow..just like a cartoon! Great stuff. We retreated and let the opossum skunk away ;)

Happy New Year to all!!  Stay tuned for pics and patterns!!!