Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 152 - Empty Store + Tammy = Trouble

Look, it's an empty store..............right next to my favorite coffee shop and eatery! THE BUZZ CAFE!
Could this be too good to be true?
Nope, it's the best thing ever.....because this is going to be the new home of
365 Days on a Farm - Yarn Shoppe and Boutique!

Oh yeah,......
 I am opening a Yarn Shoppe!!!!!!!!!

even the sheep are dancing!
                                   Coming Soon to Eldridge, Iowa!
                              (the shop, .....................not the sheep)


  1. Love the sheep pic....and of course I am soooo happy for you!!!!Congrats!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Cindy! I wanted to do the dancing myself..but I think the sheep says it all!!!!
    Love you,

  3. Awesome and fantastic! So happy for you! Go get 'em!

  4. Thank you Leanne....that means a lot!

  5. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! '(_/_)'(_|_)'(_\_)' tushy dance!!! So very excited! Wish I could be there for the grand opening. :P

  6. Still excited and amazed at your progress, more pictures please : ) Love the dancing sheep! When do you think Grand Opening will be? GO GIRL GO and Scott too!

  7. Opening Mid April......SCott has finished the bathroom...We are working on the painting right now......We used farm fresh eggs as the inspiration for color....but the colors are very light....to brighten the room. ;) Sending pics later today! THank you everyone!

  8. Cannot wait!!!! Was that sheep dancing in the streets of Eldridge? ;)


  9. I wish he was Dancing in Eldridge.....of course when I did the dancing.....no one was around to witness it. ;) Thank goodness!