Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 180 - A Day out at Chanin's Farm!!

A day of fun, fun and more fun. Everyone knows how I love to go play at other people's farms. Chanin's Farm was full of surprises and sweet babies. My good Friends Kristie Peterson and Drew went with me to take pics of the new arrivals. 

There were so many wonderful critters to see. The baby chicks were so entertaining.

I think Lightning was smiling....he was certainly happy!!!
Kristie and two day old baby goat.
Chanin's baby goat 1 week old.

Drew loved watching the baby chicks!

Beautiful Turkey! This city girl never knew they were so colorful!

The cats were hiding from the Paparazzi!

The Alpacas were a little shy too!

Elegance in feathers!

Chanin and Drew. Chanin loves her baby chickens.

And everybody loves Drew!
THANK YOU Chanin for sharing with us, a day at your farm........

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