Friday, October 25, 2013



Waiting creates many opportunities for expectations; creating the perfect scenario for ideal situations to fall into place, allowing bliss to ensue. Yes, we have been waiting for a farm for two years and now that we finally have one within our grasp, our impatience has created expectations.

Now, don't get me wrong, positive thought projection and faith plays a enormous part of our world. The key is being pliable enough to bend with the change in wind. The end result is still the same, however the path meanders and creates its own route to the desired outcome.

Let me explain:  Last weekend we went to the property to gather more firewood and check the progress of the repairs needed at the house in order to move in and begin our new homestead. We were immediately deflated by the reality of the 'snails pace' in the progress. Not just superficial things such as the railing and painting, but issues like HEAT & PLUMBING. We have no control of this, which made us feel helpless. Knowing that we have already given notice to our current residence, and the move in date for our new place may be pushed back by more than a week. You may think, "That's no big deal", but when that's 7 days past the vacate date of your current place, it becomes a lot of stress.

Our son Jon worked hard splitting and hauling wood last weekend. 

Adding to that stress, snow was predicted early in the week and that was the flake that broke the camels back. We expected to be moved before the first snowfall. I wanted to be all settled in before the first snow, have the chicken coop built, and all the firewood gathered (and of course heat, etc)  and watch the first snow fall out the kitchen window of our new farm house...with chickens meandering in the front yard.......... FAIL !     FAIL  !    FAIL !


 As I watched the snow fall from the kitchen window of our current residence, with only the neighbors dog meandering on a chain. The realization hit me, I created this expectation and disappointment. I wanted everything to fall into place in my time frame. And when it didn't, I grew impatient, disconnected and felt defeated.

Amid the boxes and clutter (we quickly outgrew this place more than a year ago), I went into the kitchen, found my good china and made a cup of decadent Caramel Hot Chocolate. I pushed aside more boxes in the garage and made myself a place to view the pretty snowfall under the cover of the garage door....sipped my drink and took it all in. It was time to let the anxiety go. We have found our property and we WILL be moving in, and we will let GOD and the UNIVERSE take away the rest of the worries.

Our moving date will remain the same! No, it's not perfect. It may snow again the day we move...The house probably wont be done, and we will have workers at the house for a month or two.'s our place, and it's gonna be just fine.  We will embrace it as another interesting facet to our ever changing world. BRING IT ON....WE are ready to move!

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  1. I have always found that a warm (or cold) beverage and a few quiet moments observing the beauty of nature around me makes everything slow down and calm down.
    Great post! I'm excited to follow along on your dream!