Monday, December 9, 2013

365 Days On A Farm - November 2013

So much has happened since moving into our farmhouse. It took us four days to move. Our first night here, we only had heat in half the house. The fridge didn't arrive until 10 pm. Our Stove was here, but not operational until two days later. Several rooms were unfinished (and still are). Leaky pipes. Then frozen pipes. And the list goes on. There are definite challenges.
But determination and a lot of hard work, makes it all work out. Our wood furnace is finally working well. Thank goodness, because it has been downright frigid.

              While Scott and Jon were building the coop, the wind was 20-30 mph. 

But it was completed over a period of a week after Scott's workday, and our first batch of chickens were soon picked up.

Our Daughter in Law Stephanie Hull arrived for an extended stay. She jumped right in and help with the completion of the chicken run.

Our son Scott Jr. is in Afghanistan, and we thought it would be great to spend Thanksgiving with his wife Stepanie at our new home. We have enjoyed her company. Stephanie is such a devoted lady. Her strength is admirable.

                       We celebrated Jon's 17th Birthday when Stephanie arrived. 

         Thank you Schallert Family for our housewarming (chicken coop warming) gift of chickens.

The following week, Sheldon our Great Pyrenees, was picked up from a friend of a friend. He is now a vital part of our farm family. We also picked up more hens. It was an entertaining ride home, with a 100 pound new dog trying to get in the front seat, and chicken feathers flying everywhere. His head is bigger than mine, and we hadn't established a trust yet. Sheldon let me push his face back and out of the way, right then and there, I knew he was a gentle soul. 

 We received a gift from our hens, just a few days into having them in their new coop. I never thoguht I would be so excited to get our first eggs, but then again it has been a month of firsts. Every moment is memorable.

'Challenges, difficulties and thrilling moments' that seems to sum up the month....we have so many reasons to be grateful. And on Thanksgiving we celebrated and expressed our gratitude. We wished that all of our children could be with us. And maybe next year that will be possible. 

So to all our children and their spouses; We love you and miss you! And we hope to share the holidays with you next year!!!

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