Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Changing Seasons

     Changing Seasons at 365 Days On A Farm  

Those that have been following us for awhile know that we have been quiet and in the planning stages of our New Homestead. After closing the storefront, and starting the online presence, we have made some changes.  

     We will be moving our family and 365 to a new location. A place to develop our vision and our future. "Will our storefront reopen?"  That is the question I hear most often....the answer is "YES", but this part of our life will be morphing too. We are moving more into the world of Fiber and Spinning/Weaving Supplies. Of course we will have some specialty Hand Spun Yarn and a bit of Hand Dyed Mill spun as always. (that's the really fun stuff) . We have a webpage established at 365daysonafarm.com for our sales and service. And although there will be some links to our 365 website, this blog serves to chronicle our adventure and share it with our readers, not to use this blog as a spring board for sales. 

       We will keep you updated on the upcoming improvements and changes and will take a look into what we have been up to over the last year.

                                                      (Our Wedding Day)

      Our family has also grown, so many new family members we will introduce them all to you! We are truly blessed!

      This blog will also change; besides being active again. There will be shared homesteading ideas and failures. Knitting and crochet ideas for fun and function. Gardening projects. Recipes and Essential oil trials and triumphs. 

      Some of us are new at this, so please understand we are not an instructional site for beginning Homesteaders. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience, as it is exciting and fun for us as an everyday family scratching and exploring into the world of Homesteading. So join us, and follow along on our 365 Homestead Journey. Day one Starts in just under two weeks. 

This last weekend Scott and I went to the property (AGAIN, yes) to clear some brush and fallen trees near the pond. There is a lot of work to be done, but we are proud and anxious to get started. We have a small beginning for our firewood, all baby steps in the big plan. This week I will be packing and organizing. We have found a perfect house to blend two wonderful families together. WHO is other family? You ask? Well, that will be revealed in the near future.
 Thank you for joining us on this adventure
We welcome emails at 365daysonafarm@gmail.com

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