Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 127 -Road trip again!!!!!!! 3 states..2 shops and 1 wheel and lots of snow!

We are a determined lot! Scott has his eye out for a wheel, he not only has the bug to spin..he is damn good at it!  And well, I don't need a reason to go to a yarn store...I just need a reason to LEAVE one. As I recall, Scott telling me "Honey, it's starting to snow harder outside. " didn't phase me, I was in the ZONE. THE YARN ZONE. Fiber, and Needles and books, OH MY!

..................So where were we?  

We went to Susan's Fiber Shop in Wisconsin. Why so far? Well, we are limited on yarn stores around here....and we wanted to see what all the fuss was at Susan's Fiber Shop. And we did. She has EVERYTHING.Yarn, from everywhere. Spinning wheels.Jewelry Findings. Books Galore. But what I loved the most was.....

.................I got to play with the sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the texture on the old stone!

Aren't they beautiful!
It started snowing while I was out was a perfect moment!
Susan later told me this guy was trying to head butt me, but I just thought he was gorgeous!

Yup, out by the barn in muddy muck to pet the sheep!

After we left Susan's it really began to snow.......and after our blizzard incident last month
.....It was none too soon.
 Did we head home? NO!!!! 

We went to THE SOW'S Ear.  
A wonderful place that's a coffee shop/yarn store.

Coffee & Yarn in one place?
 Is that asking too much? .....
To Scott~ it was like Tammy having sheep
 in the back of a yarn shop~
 Scott was in heaven. 

What a great place, and a delicious cup of coffee. And we stayed for lunch and shopped again. We met a wonderful bunch of ladies that welcomed us to their table. We had lunch, chatted and I knitted with total strangers that charmed and delighted us all!

One may ask,........ How far would you travel for a good cup of coffee and a skein of yarn? ~

~All the way to Wisconsin at THE SOWS EAR, Baby!

What a scenic road trip..Wisconsin and Northern Iowa is beautiful!!

This church is just down the lane from Susan's Fiber Shop!

This Farm was along the road as we left the area..............Fabulous!!

Jonathon enjoyed the trip

Milk in a bag? Where are we?? Oh yeah, ....Wisconsin!

It was a late night by the time we arrived home....................

Look what followed Scott home, from Susan's Fiber Shop!
He asked , "Can I keep it ?"
My response was "Of course you can, Darling!"

I didn't get the same response, when I asked "If I could take home a sheep?"

But, I did get to take home lot's of yummy yarn!
Thank you Darling!

He is doing so well..........
Making yarn that first night!!! You are a natural baby!


  1. Susan's Fiber Shop is a great place -- and don't you just love getting to wallow in the sheep :-] I could stay there for hours, but for the increasingly heavy sighs of my kids. ha!

    Sow's Ear is another favorite. We try to stop there on our drives to/from Ohio.

  2. They are wonderful places to visit. I will go back again this summer!!!!