Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 120 Road Trip To Yarn Shops in Illinois & Iowa

We were on a mission..........hunting down spinning fiber & yarn. Three yarn shops on Saturday...over 300 miles round trip, and countless beautiful farms and towns. My favorite shop Fiber WILD! located in Illinois had a wonderful selection of yarn....some fiber......reasonable prices. And the town was full of old brick buildings with loads of character.....history everywhere we turned...But as we left we noticed the giant (and I mean two story) wooden gates that can close and prohibit access to the Downtown area.  Locks it up tight.....hmm there has to be history behind that one. Next trip to Fiber Wild!,  I will spend the whole day there, shopping little antique shops..visiting Fiber Wild!, and asking the big question...".Why are there gates locking up the town, do the streets literally roll up at night?" Many possibilities lurk in my mind.........(turns out, they are flood gates).

Next stop,.. off to The StageCoach Yarn's actually located inside a house that the stagecoach stopped at during the 1800's. A yarn shop full of history, a fireplace and a warm friendly shop owner. It was a delight. (If you go make sure to bring cash, no debit)
Our final stop on our hunting mission was Crazy Girl. It was a long day, and we were finished for the day.
We did get some yummy yarn, they wound it for us. One of the shopkeepers showed me patterns that are available online for the yarn I had chosen. Very nice touch.
What a wonderful day, I love looking at the different farms, hills and valleys that constantly change and beckon my camera to come out and capture the moment. But often it's the memory that has to retain that information, my hands can not retrieve the camera fast enough.So here are a few of the pictures that I took , mostly because Scott stopped the Jeep, or at least slowed down.

What a wonderful Day!

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