Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 141 - ROAD TRIP Fiber Paloosa

It was time.....the road beckoned us to find more fiber sources.....and so we did. We packed up sandwiches and took off for an adventure early in the morning. I knitted all the way there, Scott drove..good thing, eh?

We drove to Madison County..

you know the place where the "BRIDGES" are.....yup thats it.

I thought the inside of the bridge to be just as beautiful as the outside.

It was a perfect day for sight seeing!

Oh, sorry I zigged when i should have zagged........Fiberpaloosa...it was a lot of fun....
Blue Gate Farm Yarns & Rebeccas  Buttons

So many wonderful artisans

 We must fondle the yarns........
And you never know who you will run into...wonderfully fun Miss Effie

Jill Maggie and Rebbecca

Rebecca has a great giveaway this month....

Beautiful yarn bowls...and she has a grand opening in April.....

Maggies' yarn begs to be fondled.

So much to choose from!
On our way home Scott surprised me and drove us to..............
Birthplace of John Wayne........my Hero of the Past!
And here I am with my Real hero..Scott!


  1. All that handspun and the pottery makes my heart beat a just a little faster. Looks like it was a fun trip!

  2. It was Ruth..........I love Road trips with a rainbow of yarn at the end! Have a wonderful day!