Monday, January 24, 2011

Scott's Felted Slippers -

And here they are. It took a lot of scrubbing....and swearing..but they came out well.  Scott says that they are very warm. The next pair will have a higher rise at the heel. Or maybe a boot style. On a quest for another pattern. Do you have any favorites?


  1. They look like they turned out great Tammy! How long did it take you to knit them? (I know nothing about knitting at all). Great blog I love reading it!

  2. Actual knitting time was close to 6-8 took a while to figure out the pattern....then the second one went much faster! I love to teach knitting....I am starting a knitting club in my new town and so far its gonna be a hit....I am very excited...I will update the blog with pics once we have our first meeting! Stay warm,
    Much Love,

  3. Wow - they came out really well!

  4. Those slippers are amazing. How ever do you know what size they will turn out?

  5. Thank you Hannah and Catherine......I followed the pattern exactly to the size I needed. And I crossed fingers, toes, and swizzle sticks... and I checked the washer constantly...even hand felted in areas that needed help. It takes a lot of faith, but...Scott loves it's worth it.