Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 75

Day 75
Happy New Year Everyone! We celebrated the New Year in my favorite Way. At home with loved ones (missing lot of loved ones too)..quiet, safe and comforting. Thats what the New Year holds for me. I like it when I can lay my head down at night, knowing drama will not be waking me at night.

The snow melted! All thats left are the brownish piles at the end of the roadways or parking lots. Very Ugly and a bit of a bummer.

However the highlight to it all is that my car now makes it out of the driveway!!! I am mobile again!!!

Buddy cornered an animal at the end of the driveway New Years eve.....when we walked up we were surprised it was a large opossum! It was leaning into the snow bank..eyes wide open..fell right into the snow..just like a cartoon! Great stuff. We retreated and let the opossum skunk away ;)

Happy New Year to all!!  Stay tuned for pics and patterns!!!

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