Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 78 - GoodBye Taffy

Rest in Peace Taffy
Taffy left us January 8th, 2011. She was an elderly cat that had lived a full life. Although we are sad that she is no longer with was time for her to let go and join the spirit world! Travel softly Taffy!! 
Taffy is the second cat we have lost since moving here to Iowa. Taffy's death was expected, she was very old, we knew her time was soon, but Anubus death was unexpected....will post on him next...... 


  1. Blessings, little Taffy. You will be missed. Thanks for crossing my path. ^.^
    Lots of love and sunshine to the whole family. So sorry you have to do this again so soon.

  2. Sorry Tami. She looks so much like Hugo. Really sorry for you guys. Take care and we miss you guys.

    Love From Arizona!

  3. So Sorry Tami. She looks so much like Hugo. She really brings back memories of him for me. Our thoughts are with you.

    Miss you Guys!

  4. She did look like Hugo...thank you Adam & Angie.we miss you all soooo much!