Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time to morph......all good things change and evolve. We are no different. 365 started as a knitting group and evolved into a wonderful hub of activity, full of friends and education. We have been here at our current location 365 days, plus 16 days, as of May 19th. And at the end of the day at 6pm. We will turn the closed sign over and forever lock the doors.

There will not be a clearance sale, because this is not "365 going out of business" . NOPE.. We have outgrown our current location and we are not willing to sign an extended lease. Our online store will be activated and in full force by the end of June. We will be available for private lessons. We will continue to be Kromski Dealers. We will spend the summer regrouping, deciding how we want to Morph our business. You see, we love what we do, the passion to teach, share and work with fiber has not ended, but instead we are going to take it to another level. And we will enjoy every moment of discovery.
Keep checking back with us............we will continue our blog and will share our summer with you!!!
Thank you everyone for making 365 Days on a Farm a dream come true!!

Come see us ..last day of business May 19th.
 Mississippi River Valley Art Drive is this weekend. May 4th and 5th ( we will be open Sat and Sun 9-6pm)
Demonstrations all day.....
LAST HOO-RAH   Friday night May 4th.....RSVP POTLUCK
AND rsvp 563-285-9985

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