Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chili (Chilly) Afternoon...was it a prediction or an unlucky guess?

Last summer in July, we sat around the farm table at our shop and decided that a "Chili" potluck get together was in order. We set a date in January, it was Bethany's and Michelle's inspiring idea, and I thought by mid January, a good Hot Chili would be just what we needed mid winter.   Last week with the 50 degree weather we have been enjoying , we joked that we may have to change The Chilly Afternoon to an Ice Cream Social, and that was okay too. But nope, Mother nature had other plans for us......snow.... and enough of it to make some schools let out early and create some driving difficulties.THE GREAT HOT CHILI AFTERNOON will be rescheduled. TBA.

Who knew today would be the day for Winter to arrive!

Maybe we did way back in July, never know what will happen when great minds get together.

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