Friday, September 30, 2011

We need your assistance!

PLEASE READ ..Wounded Warrior Project - Scott and I have recently volunteered to participate in MUSTER WEEK. It is a week long event for our Wounded Warriors in the Warrior transition unit. The event will take place in Davenport, IOWA. Our part takes place October 17th, Monday evening. This is a transitional training period for our Wounded Warriors and their families.

Some Wounded Warriors have  idle time during recovery. This event covers all their aspects of recovery from medical,emotional, and various tools to help the family cope with the injuries of their family member.
 You can get further info on the program in the attached link.
Scott and I will be offering to teach Wounded Warriors and their family members a hobby to fill some of their time recovering. We will be teaching Knitting and Spinning and needle felting. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP. OUR YARN SHOP WILL BE DONATING FIBER AND NEEDLE FELTING TOOLS FOR THIS EVENT. BUT WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF SOME OF OUR FACEBOOK AND BLOGGING FRIENDS COULD DONATE A SMALL SKEIN OF HANDSPUN YARN (GROWN AND MADE IN THE USA) or KNITTING NEEDLES (THAT NEED REHOMED) i THOUGHT IT WOULD BE TOUCHING FOR EACH SOLDIER TO RECEIVE A GIFT BAG WITH USA YARN MADE WITH LOVE. This event is coming up quick so time is of the essence. Please include any other items that you might want to send (handmade thank you cards..handmade hats etc....etc) THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR MONEY!! Just some good OLD USA SUPPORT FOR OUR MEN AND WOMAN THAT HAVE MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO ENJOY OUR FAMILIES AND FREEDOMS!! We will post pictures and details of the event at
Any items that you want to contribute can be sent to:
Wounded Warrior Project
c/o 365 Days on a Farm Yarn Shop
116 W Davenport St.
Tammy & Scott
Eldridge, IOWA
563-285-9985 <-----corrected phone number
PLEASE REPOST and Thank you for taking the time to read this posting!!!

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