Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 282 Cowboys, Boothill and Family Day

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 It was family Sunday and we headed out to Scott County Park for Pioneer Days ..and these are my Rough and tough characters! Jon, Scott and Jesse.  Okay maybe not as rough as ......

.....this of the cowboy gunfighters......but my guys still are awesome!!!

Reminds me of Rawhide in Arizona. I miss my cowboy roots.

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 And this Old Mercantile Store....there's so much to look at!

Shopping Ladies Dept. ;)

Mail and  Telegraph office!
Enuff Said!
Dr.'s Office, Dentist and Pharmacy
 Good Ol Barber Shop!

I met a Great Potter Sandra!

 Let the gunfight begin!!!!


There were quilters, spinners and other artisans doing demonstrations. A lovely day in all. 

Terrific condition for this old worn spinning wheel.
Tiny house full of charm and a POT for  cold nights. They didn't leave out any details in this old house!
Native American Demonstrator and storyteller.

Jesse did the drumming for a song or two.

Blacksmith working on a project.


There is so much to see and do in Iowa during the summer it is difficult trying to narrow down what activities we will do. We certainly enjoy our time together,regardless of the destination.
Happy Summer Everyone.

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