Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 103 Feb. 2nd, 2011

This is the snow beast the next morning after the snow plows came through. Scott walked past the tunnel and the top of the drift is several feet over his head.

These are pics of our yard and the side of the house. Farmer Larry came by and offered to help Scott get his Jeep out of the Ditch. Scott walked ahead a mile to the Jeep. (It wasn't snowing  but it was bitter cold) And they were able to pull the Jeep out. Luckily no damage. Then Scott says "Are you ready to go to your First Knit Club meeting?" . Ummmmm? Wasn't sure that we could get there. Yuppers. That darling man made sure we got to the meeting early and even stayed and helped.. Have I mentioned that SCOTT ROCKS?
Most of the city was closed. THE BUZZ CAFE WAS CLOSED but opened for us. Two New Members Jerry and Susan braved the roads and cold and came to the Meeting. As well as a new friend, Rasha (she had intended to come for a story on our club) But I believe she might be a new member as well! Yay Rasha!
What a wonderful time we had and what a wonderful day for me....especially after the previous nights stress!
Thank you Buzz Cafe's owners  Rob & Kristie!!!!

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